Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And so it begins

Which would be much more portentous if this were something more then my random gaming blog, but hey, there ya go.  My statement of purpose is to catalog most of my ongoing games, with a focus on my Mutants and Masterminds world. 

I've been playing Superhero RPGs for decades now.  From Marvel and it's FASERIP to Hero Games' Champions, I've tried a bunch.  After a lot of procrastinating, I jumped into M&M with the 3rd revision.  Now since I didn't have any preconceptions, I can safely say I love the system and I'll be using it as my default Supers system from here on.  I like a lot of the assumptions made by Green Ronin and I agree with the overwhelming majority of them.  Add in that it's a relatively easy transition for d20 folks, and this makes the system a no-brainer for my group.

After that came the world setting.  Well, I've been running Champions hard core for the last 10 years, and frankly, I needed a break.  I decided to go much less gritty, and adapted the Villains and Vigilantes world to my own needs.  So yes, I'm running M&M V&V. 

If you remember Villains and Vigilantes at all, you should see some very familiar names cropping up in future posts.

On with the show.

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