Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The first adventure!

So character creation was completed and the group, the Peake Harbor Protectors, was formed.  The membership was

Kali: Four armed super-strong alien demigoddess.

Mach: Jokingly called Mach 63 as that's her actual top speed.  Super-fast runner and ageless soldier.

Psytrix: Psionic powerhouse and used car salesman. 

Windsor: Specialist archer with a high tech bow and a bunch of trick arrows.   Also happens to be crown prince Harry.

The initial adventure was deliberately simple to ease folks into a new system; Stop a bank robbery.

So Kail was at a book signing when she heard that the main bank branch in downtown Peake Harbor was being robbed.  Mach heard about it on a police scanner and was there before anyone else moved.  Windsor and Psytrix were in the bank when it happened.

Mercury Mercenary, Mace, Temper and Hornet break into the bank, leaving Hornet to hold the door.  He set up his Vibratory fields and settled in to wait for any incoming heroes.  Temper was generally being a snot, and Mace was getting the bank manager to lead him to the vault.

In the bathroom, Psytrix and Windsor stumble across each other changing in opposite stalls.  After a brief moment wherein they decide that they are both good guys, they charge into the fray.  A running Mental/Arrow/Grenade battle ensues, and with help from Temper, Windsor and Psytrix end up stunned. 

Outside, MACH comes ripping in at ridiculous speed, and promptly misses Hornet.  He in turn, manages to critically hit MACH, and she folds like a cheap suit.  Things were not looking good for our heroes.

Kali tore into the place, using Hornet as a battering ram.  With him out cold, she continued into the room and cold-cocked Temper.  Like the force of destruction she was named after, Kali looked like she was going to mop the floor with the remaining Crushers...except they were a lot more skilled at dodging than she was at hitting.  Mercury Mercenary tried whittling her down with Automatic Rifle fire, and Mace continued trying to crack the vault.  Enough time passed that the heroes got back into the fight and Mercury Mercenary fell afoul of a net arrow, a clothesline from Mach and a haymaker from Kali.  Mace was summarily knocked out as all four heroes turned on him.

As the dust settled, the four heroes decided to meet again to talk about potentially joining forces more formally as Peake Harbor's only superhero team.

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