Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome to Peake Harbor!

The setting for my game is the imaginary city of Peake Harbor, Maryland.  I'm a New Yorker, and I've lived in Chicago, but most of my group has not.  So I decided that if the city was going to be mostly imaginary to the players anyway, why not put it somewhere we could all identify, and then just make the city proper the creation.

Thus was born Peake Harbor. 

Tell you more?  Oh, okay.


Peake Harbor (major metropolitan area pop. 9,612,977; mid-Atlantic city near the east coast, just hours from the Appalachian Mountains) – Peake Harbor is part of the Washington-Baltimore-Peake Harbor-Northern Virginia Metropolitan Area and is tied with the Chicago metropolitan area for 3rd place as the Largest combined statistical area in the United States.
City Highlights & Major Attractions:

● McKay Beach
● Bancroft National Forest & Park (The city is built around this akin to Central Park in some ways)

● St. Mary’s Historical Park and St. Mary’s College
● Little Asia (A large and vibrant series of interlinked neighborhoods blending Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures.)

● Cedar Landing Amusement Park
● Completely encircled by the Manning Enterprises Elevated Rail (MEER) which transports over 70% of all commuters in, around & through Peake Harbor

● Manning Enterprises (Industrial Park, a sprawling 10 mile complex just north of the city, used by Manning and most major businesses in the area.)
● Manning Enterprises Tower (skyscraper; 960 ft.; located 5 blocks west of Little Asia)

● Tesladyne Industries Aquatic Research Center (Located off of Piney Point)
● Light Technologies Unlimited HQ (skyscraper; 1417 ft.; located 3 blocks north of Manning Tower) adjoined to Light Technologies Advanced Mechanics, Robotics & Genomics Division tower via skywalk.

● Jebediah Winfield State Hospital for the Criminally Mentally ill -- built on St. George Island, it has hosted the British HQ during the war of 1812, a hospital for the wounded from the Civil War, a TB ward, and currently, an asylum for the criminally insane.

Major Employers:
● Manning Enterprises (there's a genome research facility, a consumer electronics division facility, and a pharmaceutical division facility)

● Light Technologies Unlimited (there's a solar research facility, law enforcement non-lethal division testing grounds, a consumer electronics division facility, and an advanced mechanics &robotics division)
● Tesladyne Industries (Aquatic Research complex and Manufacturing location; specializes in aquatic technology like ROV Submersibles, manned submersibles and specialized diving equipment)

Claims To Fame:
● One of the strongest economies in US for the last 20yrs.

● Heavy tourism annually
● St. George island houses the Jebediah Winfield State Hospital for the Criminally Mentally ill, and is considered to be the most haunted island in America.

● Generates 90% of its own electrical energy through various “green” technologies

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