Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Everything goes BOOM!!! Or, the joy of origin stories.

We had some shake-ups in the team, as Mach's player wasn't really enjoying her PC.  she talked to me, and we came up with a new character; Bouncing Babe!.  You can see the rough miniature I cobbled together for her above.

We also had two new players, in the form of Ferra and Descartes. Ferra was a powerful magnetic controller and former member of the teeny-boppers who had gone away to college, and was now coming back to see if she still had a home in Peake Harbor.  The other was Descartres, who thought, therefore he was.  A massive metamorph of almost unlimited capability, his origin dovetailed nicely with Bouncing babe's.  It went a little like this.

A phone call came in to the Protectors HQ, and it was the nation's number one superteam, Response Force One.  They needed Mach, and asked her to join the big leagues.  They didn't put it that way, but the Protectors sure did!  They were supportive as Mach went off to "join the show" at the national and international level. (I wanted to write out the PC, without killing her or doing anything overly corny, so I went with the genre honored "joining another team" bit.  Everyone was pretty happy, and it came full circle months later!)

Next, Ferra came back, and there was a tearful reunion and farewell as she had trained under the now departing Mach, but she had also worked with Kali, so the moment was bittersweet.  She was invited to join the team, at least as a reserve member while she figured out her plans, and Ferra accepted.

Across town a young Private Investigator was tracking down another dead beat ex-husband, but she was starting to have second thoughts when she saw him entering the dilapidated warehouse.  She followed, and inside saw the whole thing was a front for ONI, the super powered mega villain agency!  They were known to work with the tongs, and since Peake Harbor has a large Asian community, they had been trying to make inroads against MS13, the Jamaican Posses and the Lucky 7's, a smaller Irish gang.  But ONI was a lot more.  Not just gang bangers, or even agents, it also boasted super-powered members, like the samurai armor wearing leader our inquisitive PI found inside!

The bullets and energy beams started flying and soon the disturbance had been reported to the Protectors who raced to the scene!  They arrived in time to see a strange ethereal mist filter into the warehouse, then there was a pregnant pause, and the whole place exploded in green flame!  A mass that looked like a giant wad of gum came flying out and splatted against a building, slowly oozing it's way down to the ground.  The Protectors were stunned when it said "Ow...."

They were even more surprised when another voice answered with an "Ow?" from the wreckage.

Shifting through the debris, they found a man-like figure forming out of the ruins.  He gradually shifted until he looked more like the heroes around him, and introduced himself as...well, he didn't know.  He realized that he thought, and thus he was, so he must be Descartes!  He didn't know how he knew this, but he did.  Over near the talking puddle, the heroes had managed to get her to calm down enough to get herself in order as well, and she made a basic body and started talking to the heroes.  After making sure that ONI was well and truly gone, they spoke with the local police and then retired to their base to sort things out.

Once they got there, they discovered that the young woman was a PI, and that she was interested in working with the heroes while she figured out what these new changes meant for her life.  After considering a slew of names, she settled on the off-handed suggestion of "Bouncing Babe".

Descartes asked a lot of questions about the nature of life, reality, law, order, chaos, and pretty much anything else that touched his fancy, so the heroes decided it might be a good idea to keep a watchful eye on him as well.  He still had no idea where he came from, or how he was created, so unlike Bouncing Babe, he was a true enigma.

With the origins out of the way, we settled the group at 8 team members; Spectrum, Surge, Psytrix, Ferra, Kali, Bouncing Babe, Descartes, and Windsor.

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