Monday, December 24, 2012

From the Deeps of Space! (Part Two) or "Who let the dogs out?"

Our intrepid heroes started nosing around town and stumbled across a group of Cappelan soldiers reinforcing the edge of the shield wall with posts to help distribute the load.  After jumping the hapless dog technicians, Spectrum took apart one of the repeaters and was able to figure out that based on the size and strength of the shield, they had to be putting forth an almost incalculable level of power to maintain it.  The repeaters would take up some of the slack with an internal power pack to supplement whatever was generating the field currently.

The group was able to triangulate one of the generators, and they headed off in that direction.  It lead them to an isolated farm that happened to be hosting a large pyramid shaped spaceship that was part of the machinery powering the force shield.  They charged into battle immediately, and fell afoul of 3 squads of Cappelan soldiers (30 total), 2 War Droids, and 2 Scout Cycles! 

Things didn't look good for the invaders.

In a heartbeat, the team TORE through the invaders, dropping them all in less than 3 full rounds.  The ship itself was now involved, and lobbing heavy artillery at the heroes.  Working together they were able to blow a hole in one side, and the boarding operation began.  The heroes surged through the craft, destroying the internal structure as they went, and soon the ship was going critical!  Spectrum reversed the emitted force field to slowly just envelope the ship, and they escaped just as the field closed and the ship detonated.

They figured out that there must be six more base ships like this based on their readings from the now slightly diminished field, and that if they could take out two more, they'd disrupt the integrity enough that Proditor Cappela could break through with reinforcements.

More in part Three.

Now as an added bonus, here's a shot of Peake Harbor! (The yellow missile in the corner is the top of one of Bluegill's Manta Robots).

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