Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From the deeps of space! (Part One)

I think it should be depths, but I digress.

Our heroes had just settled in to their base after the origin extravaganza, when they got a visit from one of the most powerful, and still suspect, members of the V&V universe.  None other than Proditor Cappela had come a callin'!

Yup, the most POWERFULLY AWESOME DUDE EVAH!!!  Not that I'm biased.  Nope, not me.


Proditor arrived to explain to the Protectors a bit that they already knew: For years, Proditor had been a villain, and partially mind-controlled by the spirit in his suit.  The sentient computer controlled by the enigmatic and powerful Cappelans! In fact, he had chosen his name as a subconscious cry for help: Proditor (Latin: Traitor) Cappela (Italian: Choir).  He admitted he hadn't been real with it at the time, and didn't know the Latin word for choir.

This all finally came to a head while he was working as an enforcer for V.I.L.E.  As he watched the blood of a man he barely knew cooling in the air as it fell from his fists, he'd whispered "no more..."it grew in volume until he lashed out at the controlling presence of the super suit he wore, eventually tearing free of it's control and destroying it's sentience. His powers grew dramatically as he asserted his own will for the first time in years. (M&M notes: Proditor is PL13 in my world, and roughly analogous to Superman at the end of the Superman Animated series.  There are trust issues, and a lot of story driven drama.)

Now working for the good guys, he helped beat back a scout group of Capellans that had tried to infiltrate in Africa, and closer to home, had stopped the second plane on September 11th.  Still occasionally not trusted, he has gone out of his way to earn back the trust of the world.  In the process, he has become one of, if not the most, powerful superheroes on the planet.

And now he needed help...

The Cappelans were back, and this time, they were striking closer to home.  Tupper Lake NY (Pop approx 3800) was going to be taken unless the heroes moved quickly!

Well the Protectors knew about both sides of the Proditor coin, and believed that he was earnest, so they hopped into their Superjet.  The team consisted of Spectrum, Surge, Kali, Descartes, Kali, Bouncing Babe, Windsor, and Ferra.

Racing to the North, they arrived at the town, and looked around.  Things were quiet...too quiet.  Of course, this was when the force field went up sealing them inside, and leaving Proditor Cappela on the outside futilely trying to pound his way in to help the group. 

After testing the strength of the field, they decided that they couldn't circumvent it, and they would need to find some other way to free the town and its people.  Their first conclusion was that the power requirements for a field this powerful and complete would be enormous.  They headed into town to see if they could figure out where all of that power was coming from, and what they could do to ruin it.

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