Thursday, December 6, 2012

There's a Crisis at Crusader Citadel! (Part One)

Okay, so as they were tracking the Crusaders from Canada, the team decided that they should contact the Crushers usual foes; The Crusaders.

Chicago's premier super team had been around for a long time and they were very well known.  However, when they called them, all they got was the Crusaders AI Teacher.  There was a pre-recorded message and no additional data on what was happening ro why the Crusaders were unreachable.

Surge decided that he knew the Crusaders, so he'd just teleport over to their base and talk to them in person.  After getting the run around from the AI, Surge was spotted outside by a local reporter, and due to his fame, was asked to comment on the odd goings on with the Crusaders.  Halfway through the interview, he got that itch at the back of his neck as a lightning bolt slammed into him from above!  Now surge is an excellent electrical blaster.  He also happens to be utterly immune to the effects of electricity.  Somewhere up above, Stormlord cursed his luck as he shifted to winds.  But, the game was up and Surge discovered that Stormlord is not as resilient. 

Being naturally suspiscious sorts, the rest of the team contacted the Chicago police department, and they were routed over to the Mayor's office!  The deputy mayor spoke to the team, highlighting the city's fears that something had happened to the Crusaders, and asking the Protectors to get there as soon as possible, as the Crushers were spotted at the Field Museum!

As soon as the Protectors told him about the museum, Surge raced recklessly ahead, teleporting via electrical lines and managed to hold off the Crushers until the rest of the team could arrive.  However his valiant effort cost him as FIST blasted him into unconsciousness as the team cleared the doors.

The battle was on!

FIST, Bull, Mercury Mercenary, Mace, Manstar and Shocker were causing general mayhem, and threatening the skeletal remains of Sue, the world's most complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton (inside joke).  The Protectors engaged, pulling the Crushers into the more open grand hall, and in short order, MACH had pummeled Mace with a flurry of superspeed punches, Windsor had taken out Hornet with a combination of net and blast arrows, Psytric had dropped Mercury Mercenary with a stunning array of mental blasts, Kali had wrapped up FIST and literally crushed him out of his armor, and Spectrum had dropped Shocker with a combination of pulsed blasts and super strong punches.  Bull was the lone hold out, but the players chose to talk him down instead of making the fight worse, and after a short while, and with the gift of some bubblegum, Bull decided it was better not to fight and gave up.  The team held the villains until the Chicago PD and CHESS showed up to take them into custody.  They then got Surge into an ambulance and headed over to Crusader Citadel.

Sidebar here: Having PCs out of action, missing for the story or whatever seems ridiculously easy to do in Supers games.  It's an ironclad staple of the genre, and having people out actually seems to make the story flow better.  It's also nice to able to accomodate real life since we're not all teenagers with tons of dispoable time anymore.


  1. Good stuff, should get that comic editor online and take photo's of the game to edit some comics up.

  2. Thanks! We did eventually remember to take pictures, you'll see dome of that upcoming. Unfortunately, the boards aren't always as nice as I'd like them to be.