Monday, December 17, 2012

Release the Kraken!


 So the group returned to Peake Harbor, leaving Surge in the care of the Crusaders and their medi-doc.  (Again, this to me was an example of the strength of the genre.  The player of Surge wasn't available at the start of this game, or the previous one, so it was easy to write him out of the picture with something that was totally fitting for a comic-book game).  Mach and Psytrix were both out on personal business, dealing with their normal lives.
Arriving back at their base, the group had messages from the US Marshals Service to clarify their status and to get them through the process of clearance so that the Protectors could be sworn in as Federal Marshals.  Again, the worry about the ease of all this paperwork reared it's head, and the group decided it was time to really look into it.  A lot of hacking and phone calls later, they discovered that their way had been eased by direct input from none other than Atomic Robo of Tesladyne Industries!
Spectrum put in a call to Atomic Robo, who apparently was in a car headed somewhere based on the call quality.  Robo confirmed that he had done what he could to green light the group's progress as he felt that Peake Harbor needed a new team.  He felt that the local groups were stretched thin, and that with the departure of the Teeny-Boppers, the area was ripe for the picking.  Oh, and he was right outside with a favor to ask, and could he come in to chat?
So Robo told the group about another organization that Tesladyne was working with in the Potomac region; The Verne Foundation.  They are associated with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and oh yeah, they had their own atomic submarine with a glass nose!  Unfortunately, they were also currently in trouble, facing off against the notorious Blue Gill and his Kraken pet!  Hopping in to Robo's car, they raced off towards the bay, and then in to it!  It seemed the car was a recent invention, a convertible hydro-car that could switch to hydrofoils at the drop of a hat.
Racing to the scene of the fight, they came across Bluegill, his Kraken, and three huge armored Manta walker robots all in the process of attacking the Verne Foundation and their super-sub!  As they raced in to save the day, the heroes got another call, and Surge announced he was up and ready to go!  Teleporting along electrical lines, he arrived nearby and hopped on to the speeding car as it closed the distance with Bluegill and his cronies.
Kali, Surge, and Windsor jumped on to the sub and started attacking the incoming hordes.  Surge struck first, short circuiting one of the massive walkers, and causing it to crash against the hull of the sub.  He quickly jumped up on to it, and used his new vantage point to start a running duel with the other two robots.  Kali surged forward and grappled with the Kraken!  The two staggered back and forth, the contest leaning first one way and then the other.  Finally, Kali braced herself and lifted the mythological monstrosity out of the water, and then heaved it a mile away!
Windsor helped Surge with the walkers, and eventually, all three robots were dismantled.  That left Bluegill to Spectrum.  The two feinted back and forth, testing each other's defenses, but then Bluegill got lucky and tagged Spectrum hard with the water jet from his Trident!  Spectrum staggered, but managed to get off an area force blast that left Bluegill in the same state.  When they both snapped out of it, they found the rest of the Protectors around them, the fight now over.  The team got a ride from Robo back to the mainland, and turned Bluegill over to CHESS. 

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